EARLY BIRD SPORTS EXPO: Bloomsburgh Fair Grounds

2014 3D Archery Shoot and Paper Shoot at the Bloomsburg Fair grounds Dates: January 23-26 2014

To Compete in either contest: Go to www.earlybirdexpo.com and click at the top on the CONTEST tab. Click archery shoot and then scroll down to the desired application. Print the form and choose your date and time of the desired shoot. Please make three choices of times and dates with #1 being your first choice.

Registration is $40.00 for early birds and $50.00 for walk-ins.

Fill out the application and enclose a check or money order for $40.00 payable to:
Early Bird Sports Expo
and send application to:
Early Bird Sports Expo, P.O Box 222 Bloomsburg Pa 17815. 

Questions or concerns about the 3D shoot please contact Sean at Thunder Ridge Outdoors 570-925-2273
or my cell 570-441-6387. Or email here.

Questions or concerns about the Paper shoot can be directed to
Drop Tine Archery 570-547-0440

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